Dance Expressions- (ages 3-5) Thursday

Teacher: Ms. Theresa


By participating in any online class listed below, it is at your own risk because you are at home.  Power of Dance and its employees will not assume any responsibility in the event of damage or injury.  You agree that you are under parent supervision, wearing appropriate clothing for the class, have a clear and safe space to move around, and if you are limited by space you will not be participating in that activity during the class. This includes both prerecorded and interactive virtual classes.

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Thursdays: 4:15-4:45  STUDIO C

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Passcode: 2490

STUDENTS WILL NEED A ‘SUNSHINE’ FOR OUR DANCE.  Basically, this is a cardboard or pizza size circle.  (12″ in diameter)  You CAN use a frozen pizza circle if it’s in good condition!  You may decorate your sunshine however you would like.  🙂  This will be used for practice, collected after each class, kept at the studio, and used in the recital.  Feel free to use colors (crayons, paints, etc.), tissue paper, stickers, or any material that interests your child.  I just ask that you please make sure it is secure and not falling off the board.  (i.e. please no glitter!)  🙂  If you need a pizza circle, just let me know.  I have some extra.

Here is an example of one my son did.  Basic, yes, but he went back to it once less distracted.  Now it’s filled with pipe cleaners, eye balls, and beads, and yellow yarn for the ‘sun-rays’.  LOL

Class in costume!  How cute are they! 🙂  I LOVE IT!!!

The last ‘spin’ in the video is technically not there.  I will have the kids turn around and go and pick up their sun-shines at that point. 🙂   They were doing so good I got caught up in the moment!  LOL  Thank you for having them practice at home!!!!  It shows!!!


Parents:  I always have the kids use their/ or go RIGHT first and then LEFT so that it helps them with their right and left motions and directions.  😉  When practicing at home, please instruct your child to go to the right first, and then left.

Thank you!