Dance has always been a huge part of my life. When my daughter turned 4, I started looking for studios in the Green Bay Area. There are so many classes and opportunities for students, my son really loved their Ninja Class while my daughter enjoyed Dance Expressions! She will be doing new classes this year as well.  The culture of a dance studio along with the quality of the teachers were my deciding factors, and Power Of Dance excels with both! Highly recommend you learn more about what they are currently offering and tour the studio.
Emily Stryker
2023 Google review
My granddaughter has autism. She is high functioning  at school but not always good at keeping count or remembering steps….but she wants to dance. The staff and teachers are beyond  great! They are patient and nice and work to build self esteem along with dance.  Hillary Clinton said “it takes a village to raise a child”. I am proud to have all the people at POD (Owners, staff, students and parents) as part of Sonja’s “village “.
Marcia Macuk
2022 Facebook review
We love this studio!  We recently switched to POD and wish that we had done it sooner. The instructors are very talented and not only teach the students to be amazing dancers but also good humans. They spend a lot of time building teamwork and community and it really shows in their routines and the culture at POD.
Rose VanHimbergen
2023 Google review
My 12-month-old grandson was diagnosed with Leukemia and his parents had to go to Children’s Hospital with him, so my granddaughter came to stay with me. We thought it would be good to get Madison involved in something just for her! So we signed her up for dance class and discovered that Madison just loves to dance.  The owners, Theresa and Elizabeth along with everyone that works at Power of Dance have been so kind and have taken the time to explain how everything works and what classes she should take. Madison has just thrived and has met so many new friends. I highly recommend Power of Dance!
Kathy Bratz
2023 Facebook review
My daughter has been dancing with POD since she was 3… eight years later, her skill and passion continue to grow and grow! We love the way this studio invests in our daughter as more than just a dancer- the ability to grow as a leader and in service to our community is what keeps us coming back.
Sarah Baye
2023 Google review
Just enrolled our daughter last semester. She absolutely loves the teachers and the community. All the high school kids could turn well which is the best way to tell you are getting quality instruction in my experience.  Absolutely love this dance school!
Ricky Berlin
2023 Google review
My triplet girls just joined POD in the summer doing their music and movement class. They were very welcoming. My girls were very unsure at first. However, their teacher made me feel part of their family. She helped my girls learn to get comfortable in the class and never felt like I was out of place. I signed my girls up for the next class and hope to keep building my girls up to be more comfortable! Thank you so much!
Hailee Thorne
2023 Google review
My daughter has been dancing at this studio since 2012. The life skills and friendships she’s gained while being at POD have positively impacted her life in so many ways. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone who is looking to get their child into competitive or non-competitive dance – they have a large variety of options to suit anyone’s needs or skillset!
Courtney Heagle
2023 Google review
We absolutely love it here. The instructors here  have become more then just my daughter’s teachers but have become the positive role models that everyone wishes to have for their kids. When I drop her off I know that not only is my daughter learning new dance steps but she is also making friends, learning self discipline, learning how to be a good team player, and most importantly learning how to be responsible!  They say it takes a village to raise a child and I just feel so blessed that my daughter has good role models while she is there 3 days a week.
Elizabeth Rankin
2020 Google review
Power of Dance allows young dancers to become well-trained in a variety of styles of dance. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves and challenge themselves to achieve new levels of technique.  In addition, POD brings the perfect amount of discipline and energy to motivate all dancers to become better dancers, but also develop a passion for dance.  The studio creates a welcoming and enriching environment for dancers of all levels and their families to feel a sense of belonging and purpose at dance class.
Tammy Deppe
2020 Google review
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