Power of Dance is a studio where ALL are welcome regardless of age, experience, gender, skill, or background; a place where relationships are formed, students encourage each other, and dancers feel at home; a place where each student is given personal attention, encouragement, and the skills needed to improve; where high energy style is the norm, and where a love of dance, sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance are taught each day.


Why Dance?

Why dance? Because it’s more than just steps; it’s where your child discovers their own rhythm and expression. It’s where they gain strength, flexibility, and life skills like discipline and teamwork, all while fostering a love for the arts. Your child will find not only physical growth but also personal development on our dance floor. So, why dance? Because it’s the path to unlocking your child’s potential, and we’re here to guide them on this enriching journey. Join us, and let the dance begin!

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