Summer Camps & Mini Camps

Summer Sampler Camps

Youth Dance Camp (ages 5-9) June 14-17 

Our 4-day youth summer dance camp is a great way for dancers to try out each style of dance as well as a few specialty classes for a great price.   The focus of the week is exploration and fun; yet our professional staff will also put an emphasis on correct technique, energetic choreography, team building, and individual growth.  Classes will be split based on age and ability.

Summer Dance Intensive (ages 10+) June 21-24

Students will be taught a variety of dance styles and techniques and will then be given the opportunity to use what they learn through creative choreography.  An outstanding opportunity for dancers at all levels to immerse themselves in dance.  Beginners will be taught basic technical elements while experiencing a variety of dance styles and upbeat choreography.  Intermediate and Advanced dancers will be challenged to push their skills to the next level with a variety of technical combinations and a unique curriculum that changes daily.   Classes will be split by instructors into Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12703968Dance Intensive (ages 10-18)RegisterDance Intensive (ages 10-18)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu1:00pm-5:00pm10 - 1806/21/2106/24/21140.00


Mini Camps

We pack a whole lot in a small package with our POD Summer Mini Camps.  The commitment is minimal, but the impact is huge.  All Camps are free-standing and NONE of the material will repeat so take as many or all you’d like!


Pre-School Mini Camps – 1 day mini-camps packed with fun

Pink’ Licious Mini Camp:  Pink, fairies, butterflies… oh my!  What more is there to love!  Put on your pink and purple and join us for this imagination-filled minicamp.  July 15th

Superhero Mini Camp: Every kid has a superhero inside waiting to come out.  Fly, run, jump and save the world in this action-packed mini-camp.  July 1st


RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005809Pink-licous Mini CampRegisterPink-licous Mini CampThu9:30am-10:45am3 - 607/15/2107/15/2120.00
13005805Super Heroes Mini CampRegisterSuper Heroes Mini CampThu9:30am-10:45am3 - 607/01/2107/01/2120.00


Hip Hop Mini Camps – dates vary/ see camp schedule

2 or 3-day mini-camp options.  Camps split by age and ability.  Camp A and Camp B feature different styles, techniques, and hip hop choreography taught by guest teacher Jackson Powers.  Attend one or both camps for an incredible experience.

**Caution: camp times vary from day to day.



RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005891Hip Hop Mini Camp A, Beginner (6-9yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp A, Beginner (6-9yrs)Tue, Wed2:00pm-3:00pm6 - 907/06/2107/07/2135.00
13005907Hip Hop Mini Camp B, Beginner (6-9yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp B, Beginner (6-9yrs)Mon, Tue5:30pm-6:30pm6 - 907/19/2107/20/2135.00
13005835Hip Hop Mini Camp A, Intermediate (10-15yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp A, Intermediate (10-15yrs)Mon, Tue, Thu5:45pm-7:00pm10 - 1506/28/2107/01/2155.00
13005892Hip Hop Mini Camp B, Intermediate (10-15yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp B, Intermediate (10-15yrs)Tue, Wed3:15pm-4:30pm10 - 1507/06/2107/07/2140.00
13005875Hip Hop Mini Camp A, Advanced (14+yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp A, Advanced (14+yrs)Mon, Tue, Thu7:15pm-8:30pm14 - 1806/28/2107/01/2155.00
13005894Hip Hop Mini Camp B, Advanced (14+yrs)RegisterHip Hop Mini Camp B, Advanced (14+yrs)Tue, Wed4:45pm-6:00pm14 - 1807/06/2107/07/2140.00


Broadway Bootcamp –  July 6, 7, 8

Are you interested in Musical Theater? Our Broadway Boot camp will introduce you to the technique and dance styles needed to be successful in musical theatre. You will learn Tap, Jazz, Ballet (Posture), Partnering/Ballroom, and Character/Prop.  Taught by Ms Tanya Robinson – Musical Theater Choreographer, Ballet and Partnering instructor, and award-winning coach. We are offering two levels of this mini-camp; one for grades 5th-8th and another for grades 9th-12th level.  No previous dance experience or special equipment necessary.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005877Broadway Bootcamp, 5th-8th gradeRegisterBroadway Bootcamp, 5th-8th gradeTue, Wed, Thu5:00pm-6:30pm10 - 1407/06/2107/08/2168.00
13005878Broadway Bootcamp, 9th-12th gradeRegisterBroadway Bootcamp, 9th-12th gradeTue, Wed, Thu6:45pm-8:15pm14 - 1807/06/2107/08/2168.00


Tap/Jazz Mini Camp  –  July 6, 7, 8

An incredible compliment to the Hip Hop and Broadway Bootcamp above.  Taught by award winning tapper Alex Stebane.  Offered during our July recess- isn’t it time to try a new style?

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005881Tap/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner (6-9yrs)RegisterTap/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner (6-9yrs)Tue, Wed, Thu1:00pm-1:45pm6 - 907/06/2107/08/2135.00
13005888Tap/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner + (10-15yrs)RegisterTap/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner + (10-15yrs)Tue, Wed, Thu2:00pm-3:00pm10 - 1507/06/2107/08/2145.00
13005889Tap/Jazz Mini Camp, Intermediate (12+yrs)RegisterTap/Jazz Mini Camp, Intermediate (12+yrs)Tue, Wed, Thu3:30pm-4:30pm12 - 1807/06/2107/08/2145.00


Pom/Jazz Mini Camp – (Ages 5-9: July 13, 14, 15)     (Ages 10+: July 20, 21, 22)

A 3-day clinic that focuses on the strong, sharp style of Pom and crowd-pleasing Jazz that is often seen in halftime shows! At this clinic, dancers will learn routines, practice technique, and learn what it’s like to be on a pom team!

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005901Pom/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner (5-9yrs)RegisterPom/Jazz Mini Camp, Beginner (5-9yrs)Tue, Wed, Thu6:00pm-7:00pm5 - 907/13/2107/15/2145.00
13005909Pom/Jazz Mini Camp, (10+yrs)RegisterPom/Jazz Mini Camp, (10+yrs)Tue, Wed, Thu6:00pm-7:15pm10 - 1807/20/2107/22/2155.00

CLIMB II (Contemporary, Lyrical, Improv, Modern, Ballet)  – dates vary/ see camp schedule

Back by popular demand, this 3-day mini-camp is designed to help you improve your performance quality and confidence through focused technique training in Contemporary, Lyrical, Improvisation, Modern, and Ballet.  Classes will focus on story-telling, connecting to the music, and communicating to the audience.  CLIMB Mini Camp is STRONGLY recommended for anyone interested in doing a solo, duet, trio, Lyrical/Contemporary small group or anyone else who is committed to improving their performance quality.  Camp is split into 4 levels based on Ballet Technique Level.

**Caution: camp times vary from day to day.


RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13005910CLIMB II, (6-9yrs)RegisterCLIMB II, (6-9yrs)Mon, Tue, Wed5:45pm-7:00pm6 - 907/26/2107/28/2155.00
13005911CLIMB II 10+, Ballet level 1 & 1/2RegisterCLIMB II 10+, Ballet level 1 & 1/2Mon, Tue, Thu7:15pm-8:30pm10 - 1807/26/2107/29/2155.00
13005915CLIMB II, Ballet level 2 & 3RegisterCLIMB II, Ballet level 2 & 3Mon, Tue, Thu5:45pm-7:00pm10 - 1807/26/2107/29/2155.00
13005918CLIMB II, Ballet level 4 & 5RegisterCLIMB II, Ballet level 4 & 5Mon, Tue, Wed7:15pm-8:30pm10 - 1807/26/2107/28/2155.00