Stoning Costumes – General Information

Below you will find general information/tips for stoning costumes.
For specific TEAM DIRECTIONS- please see your TEAM PAGE.



  1. Make a stretching board based on your child’s measurements.  Use a large piece of cardboard like the side of a box.  Measure your child’s Chest, Waist, Hips, and body length for the torso board.  Measure the Arm length and Arm circumference for the arm board.  (On the diagram below, I have the measurements for about a Med Adult).  Some teams may need a leg board.  It will not need to go the full length of the leg but should be the proper width based off your child.
  2. When the board is done, test the size by putting it inside a costume.  Cut it down if needed.
  3. IMPORTANT! Round the edges of your boards and Cover your board in a non-stick substance like cellophane tape.

CLICK HERE for an awesome video tutorial on how to apply rhinestones