Safer Studio Guidelines

At the Power Of Dance (POD) the health and safety of our staff, students, families, & guests have always been our highest priority; a commitment that has only been heightened at this time in history. That’s why we have used local and national guidelines to form our best practices for service continuity and re-opening.



Below are our current safety measures for our 2020-21 School Year season.  These are subject to change and will be updated accordingly as new guidance becomes available or local mandates are put into place.  Please check back often for new policies and updates.



Before leaving home, we ask our families to complete a self-wellness check. People with any of these symptoms should stay home: fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, sore throat/congestion, headache, chills, muscle/ joint paint (multiple), nausea, vomiting, & new loss of taste or smell.  If in doubt, please sit out.


Staff will also be checking your dancer’s temperature upon entering the classroom.  Any temperatures above 100 F will be re-checked after a few minutes of “settling”.  If the temperature is still above 100 after a recheck, the dancer will be sent home.   We ask that dancers go the bathroom and wash their hands at home before coming to dance.  Dancers’ hands will be sanitized before class, between classes, and after each class.




On top of our students’ wellness checks, we ask that before entering the building, no one in your household has been recently diagnosed with or has come in close contact (less than 6 ft for more than 15 minutes with a positive case of COVID-19) in the past 2 weeks.


Should your dancer or anyone in your household test positive for COVID-19, we ask for prompt notification.  Your dancer should discontinue participation until cleared by a doctor to resume or if your dancer meets the current CDC guidelines for being around people after a COVID-19 diagnosis/exposure.


If a child has tested positive and we are notified, we will also notify their class via email (please make sure we have an email on file that is checked often).  Our faculty is also following strict guidelines/precautions on when to call in to work and get a sub for a short period of time if needed.  Therefore, you may notice a different teacher in your dancer’s classroom at times.



Due to the Governor’s Executive Order #82, which mandates the use of masks inside buildings, we ask all patrons over the age of 5 to wear a mask while in the building, unless you have a medical exception.    Let’s give our best effort to be supportive of this!  Most of us can mask up and it’s no biggie.  Most of our teachers were masked all summer & teaching their hearts out already.  Let’s also give our best grace to the kiddo who can’t wear a mask.  A small number of our POD family cannot mask up for various reasons and the mask mandate supports this, therefore, these dancers may remove their mask while properly distanced and exerting in class (we ask that they still wear a mask when entering and exiting if possible).  In fact, ALL DANCERS, when properly distanced will be allowed to remove their masks in class for short periods of time (water, etc).  Each room will be marked off to allow this to happen. Teachers may also drop their masks from time to time to give instructions from an appropriate distance of 6 feet or greater.  This can greatly increase classroom comprehension.


Caregivers who cannot wear a mask, please remain outside at all times.  We will open our studio curtains whenever possible to allow for classroom observation



Our studios are marked off for social distancing.  We will be using a combination of boxes for some classes and dots for others but all will be placed 8 or more feet apart.  Dancers will be given specific place markings for barre work and stretching.  Hallways and other common areas will be marked as well.  If you are in the building, please practice social distancing with other families.  Please practice social distancing while waiting outside as well.



During the school year, until further notice, our lobby will be open to ONE parent per dancer for Toddler and Pre-School Classes (M&M, Dance Exp, and Petite Dance).  All other dancers should be dropped off and picked up at the designated entrances and exits and parents should not enter the building.  We know that this is inconvenient but it is the only way to allow for proper traffic flow in our hallways and it will allow space for kids to wait if they have a small space between classes.  We do understand that special circumstances may arise (children with special needs, etc) and will deal with these on a case by case basis.


For our pre-school dancers, one parent per dancer is allowed in the lobby/waiting areas.  To keep our lobby safe and within capacity, we ask that there are no siblings (unless they can be held/stay on a lap) in the waiting area.



Some areas of our building will be temporarily closed until further notice.


The bathroom near studio C will only have one working stall- no more than one “family” will be allowed in at a time. The lobby bathroom will be reserved for staff only.   Also, please do not use the bathrooms as dressing rooms.  Dancers should try to come to dance ready for class and bring all shoes and dance bags into the classroom with them.  Water fountains will be open for refilling water bottles only.  Please bring a filled water bottle to dance.


Our store will be open but due to its small size, only one family is allowed in at a time- we recommend you make an appointment with Dawn if you must enter.  Feel free to call Dawn with any orders- payment can be made through your account and items can be sent home with your child.  The studio # is 920-661-9212 or email at



We will be trying a new drop off and pick up system for classes this month.  Pre-schoolers will be dropped off right at their studio doors (Studio C for most).  All other students can be dropped off and will enter through the front entrance – they will immediately have their temperature checked (we recommend waiting a few minutes after drop off to assure your dancer is cleared unless you’ve pre-checked at home).  Dancers should NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 5 MIN before class time.  Parents may wait in the parking lot or leave and come back for pick-up.  Dancers will EXIT through the doors directly from each studio.  Parents may park and meet their dancer at the exit door or wait outside their car if parked close.  Please meet young children so they are not walking through a busy parking lot along.  As always, please take care when driving in our parking lot as young children will be walking through at all times.



The POD has our air circulation system checked 4 times/year including prior to the start of every school year.  Filters are changed and the system is maintained.  We also use fans and open doors to increase airflow when possible.


We encourage all dancers and anyone entering the building to wash hands frequently- especially after dance and before eating.  We will sanitize each dancer’s hands upon entering and exiting a classroom and sanitizer is available to each dancer during class as well.  All our hard/frequently touched surfaces are cleaned with a commercial grade sanitizing cleaner often including but not limited to doors & door handles, bathrooms, radios, handrails, counters, stools, chairs etc.  Ballet Barres and acro mats are cleaned/sanitized between every class.  Pre-school props will be used by one child per day and sanitized between.  Items that cannot be sanitized will not be reused.



The Power Of Dance is following the Youth Sports guidelines set up by the CDC to keep athletes safer.  We are also part of the Play Sports Coalition which has a mission of ensuring that youth sports don’t only survive but thrive during and after COVID.  We understand that dance meets imperative student needs for physical, social, and emotional well being and are committed to doing it safely to serve your children.



Any dancer who wishes to, may take any class we offer virtually from home.  Cost of the class is the same as in studio.  Also, any dancer registered for a class who is unable to attend that class in person (illness, vacation, etc) may also take class virtually.



The POD will be continually communicating with our families to keep you updated on any changes to this policy or any important information that may affect your children’s classes.  Along with emails, we will be utilizing an ALERT system on our website much like we do for weather closings right on our home-page.  A COVID ALERT level of GREEN means that classes & procedures are running as usual.  YELLOW means that there is a change to either our procedures or to some of our classes.  Please check your emails for directions.  RED means that classes have been suspended.  Please check your emails for more directions.  PLEASE BE CLEAR that the POD does NOT follow any one public school or public school district policy.  While we maintain communication and take into consideration trends in our public schools, we are a separate entity.  If schools close that does NOT MEAN that the POD will be closing.  Please check our website for updates and information.