Power Of Dance Car Decal


  • 6.5 in wide 5 in tall – black oval decal – with gold, blue, and white logo
  • High tack material made to withstand the elements
  • Decal is made of a high gloss vehicle wrap vinyl
  • Completely removable – will not harm the vehicle or leave any residue


High-quality decal made to blend seamlessly with tinted vehicle windows.  The window surface should be cleaned before applying.  For best results, do not apply below 50 degrees OR warm both the surface (use a hairdryer) and sticker before application.  Simply peel and stick decal where you wish.  Work out air bubbles by pushing toward the outside surface.  Decal can be removed by raising the edge with a razor blade and peeling back.  While the decal is made to withstand the elements, take care when scraping windows.