Power Of Friends!

Posted: September 19, 2022

“Power Of Friends Week”

Monday, September 19th – Saturday, September 24th, 2022



CLICK HERE FOR “Free Trial” Form


“Power Of Friends Week” is an opportunity for you to share what you love with your friends.  Friends may come and watch or participate in your class – signed waiver is needed for participation.  Since the teachers are expecting “friends” in the class, this is a great time for you to trial a new class as well.  If you are not a current student – click the trial form above to register.  If you ARE a current student and just looking to try a different class – contact the studio at 920-661-9212 or email at dawnatpod@yahoo.com and let us know you are coming!


Do we need to sign up ahead of time? – Although we would love to know the number of “guests” in each class, friends are not required to sign up ahead of time.  However, a waiver form MUST be signed by a parent or guardian.  Signed waivers will be collected at the door.  Students without a waiver may watch only.  A call to the studio to let us know you are bringing a friend is greatly appreciated.


What should they bring? – All classroom rules and studio policies apply.  Participants must be wearing non-baggy athletic clothes, have hair tied back, and may NOT wear street shoes in the studio.  Water is allowed in the studio as long as it is in a spill-proof plastic bottle.  Please label your water.


What should “friends” expect? – Friends may be invited to participate in warm-ups, stretches, learning of combos, and any non-recital choreography activities if space permits.  When the group is working on their recital routine, friends will be asked to observe quietly.  For Strength and Flex, Leaps/Turns/and Jumps classes, friends may participate as long as there is enough space, and equipment, and they are able to keep up with the level of the class.  Friends coming to ballet classes may or may not be able to participate depending on room at the barre.  Students that become a distraction or take away from regular students’ learning will be asked to leave the room.


Can I bring more than one friend? – Yes, however due to the size of some classes, friends may or may not be allowed to participate in all activities.