Hair & Makeup

How to do a competition & ballet bun: 

Until we can make another one – here is the best video we could find (with three small additions):

 In step 1 – secure with at least 2 rubber bands

 In step 3 – use a stretchy thick rubber band and wrap it around the bun builder at least 2 times!  This will make your bun WAY more secure.

Final STEP!  – Use a hairnet over the entire bun (same color as your child’s hair) and secure with bobby pins.


** Competition makeup can be applied in a number of different ways.  Honestly, what works best for you really depends on your child.  If you are nervous or unsure, please consult a make-up professional (Sephora, Ulta, Independent Consultant, etc) or a veteran parent.  Jeanne can also help answer questions!

Have questions? Need help? Email Jeanne or call 920-217-1026

Please encourage kids ages 12+ to start doing their own competition makeup.  Start with a few steps until they become comfortable and go from there.  Since there are so many different methods for applying makeup, we think it’s beneficial to watch a few different videos to get ideas for what might work best for you.  Keep in mind that we are using a simplified color pallet of just 3 eye colors and doing a lot of blending.  You can use more colors if that’s easier for you as long as the end result is similar to the pictures in our makeup document.  Please read our makeup shopping list so that you get the correct colors for the POD!   THEN – our best advice is to practice – practice – practice on a low-stress NON-competition day and give yourself plenty of time.  Be patient with the little ones!

MAKE-UP Tutorial Videos:
**Caution – color palettes may be a bit different in the videos

Make-up Tutorial – Hannah (great for parents of Youth Kids)

Make- Up Tutorial – Hana  (good ideas but be careful because the colors are a bit different)

Make- Up Tutorial – Alexis (really good for older kids – uses a slightly different method)

Make-Up for Tiny & Mini Teams – a realistic video of what it will be like!

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