Master Classes / Guest Instructors


Classes Include:

Breaking – The basis of all hip (the O.G. so to speak!).  Focus will be on footwork, different forms of top rocking, bounce, floor work, and transitions to and from the floor.

Street Styles – The focus here will be on popping, waving, and gliding techniques.   If time allows, we will touch on house dance and more intricate upper and lower body motions.

Party Dances- All the classic dance moves have an influence on what we do today.  Come learn how to bounce, rock, and groove through the classics.  How do these classic moves influence our modern hip-hop trends? Here is where we learn to connect with the music and the audience through individual expression.

Hip Hop Tricks: The acro of dance and essential to any competition hip hop performance.  Each class will build on itself, starting simple and going to the more advanced.  How far can you go? Taught by Ms. Theresa and Ms. Jasmine.

Level Guide: ages 6-10
Beginner (0-2 years HH experience)
Intermediate (3-4 years HH Experience)
Upper-Intermediate (5+ Years HH Experience)

Level Guide: ages 11+
Beginner (0-2 years HH experience)
Intermediate (3-5 years HH Experience)
Advanced (6+ years HH Experience)

**We will move kids who we know are placed in the wrong level.


Full Session Registration

**Classes may also be registered as “ala carte”.  Cost is $20-$25/class


Ala Carte Registration Option