Imagine an activity that is not only good for your child physically but also mentally.  An activity that teaches goal setting, teamwork, and how to build relationships.  An activity that teaches children how to not only strive for their best but to rise up when they fall.  An activity that sets your child up for success in life- no matter what they choose to do!


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All-Star travel teams begin their season with our summer class session (late June).   All Star Performance Teams begin in September.  All dancers must go through the audition process before being placed on a team so please contact Dawn @ 920-661-9212 or Elizabeth @ 920-639-7716 if interested.  Auditions take place in May/Early June


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What are we looking for? Most importantly, you need to love dance. But in addition to that, we look for dancers with a positive attitude, a willingness to try new things, the ability to get along with others, an unselfish team attitude, internal motivation, and a good work ethic. You must also have a desire to grow and improve as a dancer.

What will you gain from being an All-Star? Being a member of one of our All-Star teams teaches students teamwork, accountability, perseverance, and goal setting. The extra attention to detail that goes along with routine cleaning as part of competition preparation often advances the skill of the dancers much faster than taking classes alone. Dancers build relationships, learn interpersonal skills, and are encouraged to strive for self-improvement. Being a member of an All-Star Team is also one of the best ways to prepare for a high school dance team.

How old do you have to be to be on an All-Star Team? You need to be 18 years of age or younger. Your age for the competing season is however old you are Sept 1st of the previous summer. So for this year, if you turn 19 on September 1st, you can still compete on the 18 and younger team. Dancers are allowed to move up an age division but may not move down. Age breakdowns are below. We generally have more than one team at each level. Teams within an age bracket will be broken down by ability to best challenge every athlete.

6 and under- Tiny All Stars

9 and under – Mini All Stars

12 and under – Youth All Stars

15 and under – Junior All Stars

18 and under – Senior All Stars

How often will we practice? Roughly 2 nights a week for team practice. Dancers must also take ballet. Often times, ballet can be taken on the same night as team practice.

How many routines will we learn? What style? Each team will learn 2-4 routines for competition based on the abilities of the team. Special small groups may be formed to compete with additional routines again based on the ability of the dancers. Styles will be selected after our evaluation and placement week but may include pom, hip-hop, jazz (many styles including contemporary, lyrical, broadway, etc.) & kick.

What classes will I need to take in the summer? All Stars will need to take Ballet, All Star Team practice, Acro, and Leaps/Turns/Jumps in the summer (see our All Star Packet for explanations). You will also need to attend a Choreography Camp in August.  NEW All Stars take an additional technique camp in June: Youth Camp for Minis and Tiny’s and Dance Team Boot Camp for Youth-Seniors.   Additional classes are encouraged but not required.

I’m interested, what do I do? Contact a studio director to schedule your evaluation and pick up an All-Star packet. Fill out the last sheet of the packet and after your evaluation, you will be placed on a team.

I have a friend that is interested too? Bring him/her along! You do not have to be a past dancer from the POD and you do not have to get invited to be on an All-Star team.

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The Power of Dance follows specific policies set forth by the USASF (United States All Star Federation).  Here are PDF versions of those policies:

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