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Wisconsin Herd Performance


WHO:  All Performance teams (Twinkle Stars, Stardust, Nova and Astra)

WHEN:  Thursday, February 22, 2024

WHERE:  Oshkosh Arena  —  1212 S. Main St, Oshkosh WI

POD STAFF CONTACTS:  Jeanne 920-217-1026, Alex  920-372-3613, Brianna 920-680-3468, Kaitlyn 262-689-4984, Maddie 920-784-7899


PERFORMANCE TIME:  halftime of game


ARRIVAL TIME and COACHES’ MEET LOCATION:  The doors to the arena open at 5 PM.  Please do your best to arrive by 5 PM.  There will be lines to get in the arena-especially with a giveaway for the first 1000 fans.  Coaches and Jeanne will be there to gather the dancers as you arrive.  We will have signs that will make it easy for you to find us. The dancers will go with the coaches to a practice area.  Parents and fans can go to your seats after you drop off your dancer with a coach. 


When you arrive at the arena at 5 PM, please make sure your dancer is completely dressed in their costume(except for dance shoes) and ready to dance-make up and hair should be done.   When you drop them off with the coaches, please have them put their dance shoes on and leave all of their belongings with you…including cell phones.  They will join you in their seats before the game starts or possibly in the first few minutes of the game.

After the teams warm up and run through their routine, a coach will bring each team to the bleachers to reunite with their families.  With 2 or 3 minutes left in the first half, the coaches will gather the teams to go line up for their performances.

You are welcome to take as many pictures and videos as you would like.  After the first teams perform, they will sit on the sideline to watch the other teams perform.  Once everyone is finished performing, the coaches will bring the teams back to the warm up area to gather their belongings. Some of the dancers like to change their clothes also.  When they are ready, we will bring the dancers back to the seats.  You have the option of staying for the rest of the game or going home.  

Please purchase your tickets for the game.  You WILL need a ticket for your dancer as they will be sitting with you until they perform and after halftime if you decide to stay.

The Herd has discounted tickets reserved for us so we can sit in the same area. This also ensures that the teams will be facing you when they perform.  Our seats are in sections 101, 102, 201 and 202.  Section 201 has bleacher style seating.  The other sections have seatbacks and armrests.  Click here to see the Oshkosh Arena seating chart. 

The teams will be dancing at center court so keep that in mind when you pick your seats as well.


Hints for ticket buying:

  • There are different price points depending on the section you choose.  Section 201 is bleacher seating.
  • If you want to sit together with other families(more fun), consult with each other before buying tickets to decide which section you would like.  Section 102 tickets seem to have least availability as of this email being sent.
  • If you want to sit right next to another family, when you buy your tickets there is an option to INVITE another person to buy tickets.  The invite will share your specific seats with the person you invited.


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