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Triple S Dance Competition

Who:  All Performance, Stellar and Eclipse teams, Kick teams,  Ballet 3 & 4/5, small groups, duets and solos

When: April 5-7

Where:  Alberta Kimball Auditorium, 375 North Eagle St, Oshkosh WI (Oshkosh West High School)

Admission:  Free


POD Master Schedule

Full competition schedule not available

Studio competitions typically go by NUMBER of routine, not title or name of group.  Therefore, look to our POD Master Schedule to know what routine NUMBER your child is in.  It is listed in the first column as “Entry Number” on our spreadsheet.  Knowing your routine numbers will also be helpful during awards.

Parent information  

  • Dancers should plan on arriving at their ‘ready time’ on the POD Master schedule unless notified via Stack Team App that the competition is running early or late.  THAT OFTEN HAPPENS FOR STUDIO COMPETITIONS, as they go out of order frequently.  Please stay on STACK TEAM APP for the most updated information throughout the event.  Staff will post where teams/solos/ensembles will meet, how the time is running ahead (or behind if it is), and other important information as the weekend progresses.  
    Stay informed by keeping an eye on that TEAM APP.
    There will be a .5 deduction per judge per incident.
  • Your competition fee included a Media Fee.  This allows each dancer to have full access to their dance studio’s photos and videos.  Visit this TRIPLE S PHOTO/VIDEO LINK  7-10 days after the end of the competition to access your photos and videos.
  • We have no official parking information.  There is a free parking lot and street parking near the auditorium.

Triple S Encore Challenge:

Each day, three dances from the entire day will be invited to perform one more time prior to that days final award ceremony for the Encore Winner Award. If there is a “Potential” encore challenger from the earlier day’s session, the stage manager will communicate with your studio. Please do know that more dances come throughout the day and may take that dances place. Being a “Potential Contender” does NOT guarantee they will be called back as there are more dances performing. POD does not like to have the ‘littles’ coming back to perform super late.  Therefore, even IF an earlier team gets invited to Encore Challenge, we may let you know of that honor, yet may not have you come back due to the time.  This will be communicated via Stack Team app also-please keep an eye on your Stack Team App throughout the day(s) that your dancer is competing!

Triple S Studio Spirit 

All of the Triple S staff will be on the “Look-Out” for Studio Spirit during the competition. We are looking for kindness, encouragement, gratitude, grace, excitement, sportsmanship and more. Does your studio have the best Studio Spirit? Good luck! 

Triple S Website Link:

The Triple S Website has general information that parents should read.  Some of the information will help explain the difference between Triple S Dance Competition and All Star Competitions.  Below is a list of categories that you may find helpful.

  • Age groups
  • Group size
  • Division and Levels
  • Scoring and Awards (we recommend reading this section so you know what is going on during awards session.  It is very different from All Star awards sessions)

Live Stream Link


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