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Saturday Dec 9th, 2023


POD MASTER SCHEDULE – this is subject to change!  Keep checking!

This is both the auditorium and field-house in a combined format.  It is JUST POD performances.   It is going to be a busy day! 

Since the competition is taking place on 2 different stages, the possibility of getting little time with your solo/ensemble coach is fairly high.  All the music will be submitted electronically by coaches.  Yet, in case the music doesn’t play properly, please have a copy of your OWN MUSIC with you in case your coach gets caught up with teams.  It will need to be on a device that has a connection cord to Aux.  

The main teachers are listed, although with some tight squeezes in there we will also add an ‘assistant’ for TEAMS.  If main teachers are elsewhere, please have the dancers start as they normally would…. stretching, headphones running the routine in the heads, working on specific parts or skills, etc. A staff member will be with each team shortly.

Thank you!  We look forward to this weekend!

Update from Little Chute! – 12/6

CARPOOL DROP OFF: We know many of you carpool to our competition. Please make sure that the parents dropping dancers off use our 325 Meulemans Street Little Chute, WI 54140 address to drop off. We will have an admission table at that door so if parents enter with their kids they can pay to get in at the same time. 

Parent Letter Letter 2 – CLICK HERE- 11/30/23

Details regarding the event Letter 1- CLICK HERE – 11/9/23

**Directions to Little Chute High School- Take 41 South to Freedom Rd Exit.  Take left on Freedom Rd.  High School is on your left.


* Checklists may change depending upon what costumes come in on-time.

** Please plan on being DANCE FLOOR READY including costume, hair, & make-up, at the RED REPORT TIME on the POD MASTER SCHEDULE.

Map of LCHS   

Solo and ensemble schedule 

Schedule of entire day

Awards will follow the last performance each session. You may dance in multiple sessions so please make note of when your awards will take place.  Team performance spots were somewhat  based on when you filled out your registration, but due to time constraints many teams had to move around to allow enough time in between dances.



– The Live stream will only be showing side/panel A.  If they do have live-stream, no teams have the option of opting out of it.

Little Chute Guest Wifi is: LCGuest for the username AND password. 

You can use this link to go to the youtube streaming channel made for the invite. Or search for “Little Chute Dance Invite” on youtube and find the channel that way.

The invite will be streamed in 3 hour segments. After 3 hours, a new one will start. So you will have to go back to the channel to find the new live video.  The camera only will show side A from the front. 

All videos will not be archived and will be deleted after they finish. 

If you are having any issues please close the app or browser you are using and try to reconnect or see if the 3 hour video has ended. 

Good luck to all of our wonderful dancers

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