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Fly Dance Green Bay

Who:  All Performance, Stellar and Eclipse teams(no Aquarius, Polaris, ballet or Junior/Senior Kick)

When: April 26-28

Where:  KI Convention Center Hyatt Regency Green Bay

Admission:  Free


POD Master Schedule:  

Studio competitions typically go by NUMBER of routine, not title or name of group.  Therefore, look to our POD Master Schedule to know what routine NUMBER your child is in.  It is listed in the first column as “Entry Number” on our POD Master Schedule .  Knowing your routine numbers will also be helpful during awards.  Routine numbers will not be available until one week before the competition.

Parent information  

  • Dancers should plan on arriving at their ‘ready time’ on the POD Master schedule unless notified via Stack Team App that the competition is running early or late.  THAT OFTEN HAPPENS FOR STUDIO COMPETITIONS, as they go out of order frequently.  Please stay on STACK TEAM APP for the most updated information throughout the event.  Staff will post where teams/solos/ensembles will meet, how the time is running ahead (or behind if it is), and other important information as the weekend progresses.  
    Stay informed by keeping an eye on that TEAM APP.
    • Improv and Award are the only times videos or photos are allowed.
  • No food or beverages allowed in auditorium/ballroom unless otherwise noted at the venue.
  • Photos and videos can be purchased after the competition.  Here is the link to order:  A Cut Above The Rest
  • Livestream is available for purchase here:  A Cut Above Livestream


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