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DX Americup Nationals 2024

February 2nd-4th, 2024

Hilton Minneapolis Hotel

1001 S Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Phone: (612) 376-1000

FINAL POD MASTER schedule (with meet times)

** NOTE: This IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT SCHEDULE! Dancers should meet with full costume, hair, and makeup done.  Ready to stretch.

DX official page link click here – includes links at the bottom of the site to answer most of your questions!

Updated AmeriCup Schedule Page for parents

DX General Schedule for the weekend– updated 1/9/24

FINAL Program Schedule updated 1/24/24 (check in time listed on this schedule is backstage w/event – see POD Master Schedule for when to meet coaches in POD’s warm-up rooms)

Parade of Stars – for Graduating Seniors – updated 1/9/24 (Lexi & McKenna)

Master Classes – Friday night – open to ALL DANCERS

Purple Party – Friday night – open to ALL DANCERS

Parent Jam – Friday night – open to ALL COACHES AND PARENTS

Competition Diagram – Mpls. Grand Ballroom

Overview Schedule (updated 1.13.24)

Stage and Ballroom Map  including spectator entrance



****All Students!!!! – CHECK THIS!!!!   If it’s a bit chilly, have your warm up jacket and/or blue POD sweatshirt and black pants with you.  If wearing 1/2 ballets, make sure to have socks or slippers prior to your interview and routine to keep your feet warm.  You are on concrete often.


Admissions – Fri, Sat, Sun

Preorder tickets are now closed -Preordered and on-site tickets can be picked up or purchased on the 3rd floor of the Hilton.  Look for the Registration desk.


All American & Performer of the Year Information (AA & POY) Friday

Interviews are in Directors Row 3 – 3rd floor of the Hilton

SOLOS ARE TO REPORT TO COACHES 45 MIN PRIOR TO SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE TIME & 15 MIN PRIOR TO INTERVIEW IN DRESSING ROOMS (Symphony III – 2nd floor) Please be ready in full costume, hair, and make up. The rooms will NOT be open until 11 am Friday, AFTER the Master Classes are finished.

  • All American Interviews remember to wear your costume or interview attire.
  • On Friday morning & early afternoon, Theresa will be there to assist all dancers.  The rest of the staff will be traveling on Friday.  So if you have an interview or a solo, please look for Theresa on Friday.  She is also taking the coaches classes so be patient if she is not IN the dressing room right away.
  • Please make sure all solos have a copy of their music on a personal device, with headphones or earbuds! 
  • Solos should begin to stretch on their own and a staff member will be with you asap.  Make sure you are checking your TEAM APP for updates throughout the weekend  If the meet location changes, we will TEAM APP it out.
  • Top 3 in each division will be announced at the Awards Gala on Saturday evening. No POY, AA, or DTC will perform at the gala this year.

2nd floor diagram
3rd floor diagram
Solo and Interview Schedule PDF
Competition Diagram – Mpls. Grand Ballroom
Schedule as of 1.24.24 – EXCEL – AA, POY, & TEAMS
Program as of 1.23.24 PDF


Dressing Rooms – Friday, Sat, Sun

Dressing room assignments 

DX is proud to provide a private dressing room area at the AmeriCup. Rooms were assigned based on the number of dancers attending. See locations above in the link.

  • Private spaces will be available starting FRIDAY at 11 AM after the master classes. This is your space. You can leave costumes, practice, plan meals, etc.
  • Rooms will be locked each night at the end of the competition. Call hotel security if you need to get in or lock up earlier.
  • Most are located on the 2nd floor. A few are on the 3rd floor.
  • All spaces come with 1 table & 5 chairs
  • Exception: Symphony III (where POD is located) will be available Friday until 5 PM. Then we’ll be setting up for the Purple Party.  After 5:00 pm Friday, POD may use the ROCHESTER ROOM on the 3rd floor.  PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR COACH IF YOU ARE TO MEET FRIDAY NIGHT FOR A PRACTICE. (Junior & Senior Kick now on Saturday)
  • THURSDAY: Orchestra, Symphony and Marquette rooms will be open spaces for all to share.


Gala Assignments – Saturday

Awards Program Saturday Night  This is not mandatory for all dancers.  However, all of the solos for POY and AA, Dance Team Challenge, as well as all of the seniors should attend.  Top 3 solos in each age division will be announced.  New this year – there will be NO PERFORMANCES ONSTAGE AT THE GALA/AWARDS PROGRAM.  So no need to bring costumes. 

Parents may attend the awards program Sat night based on capacity policies of the hotel.  POD numbers were previously given to Dawn so those families are expected.  Anyone after 1/23/24 will have to wait until we see the ‘availability board’ that evening. 

POD will pre-assign guests to our team’s tables allocated. Refer to the Gala Diagram.

  • All tables have 11 seats
  • You will not be given any tickets.  Our master list contains which teams are assigned where.
  • You may be sharing a table with another team.
  • Attire is semi-formal. Church type clothing to prom dresses and anything in between.
  • Help us celebrate these outstanding individual achievements.
  • If you need more seats, you can pull available spots from our Gala Seat Availability board which will be located near the DX store. We are no longer accepting additions.


What Happens Where? 

Look HERE to find where you are going:

Competition – 3rd floor: Minneapolis Grand Ballroom
Teacher Lounge – 3rd floor: Boardroom 3DX Info / Store – 3rd floor: Red Wing
Boy’s Quick Change – 3rd floor: Boardroom 1
Girl’s Quick Change – 3rd floor: Boardroom 2
Interviews – 3rd floor: Directors Row 3
Coach/Teacher Master Class – 3rd floor: Rochester
Champion Ring Pick up – 3rd floor: Rochester
Master Class (15+) – 3rd floor: Minneapolis Grand Ballroom
Master Class (10-14 yr.) – 2nd floor: Marquette Ballroom
Master Class (9 & younger) – 2nd floor: Orchestra Ballroom
Purple Party – 2nd floor: Symphony Ballroom III
Adult Jam Session – 3rd floor: Minneapolis Grand Ballroom
Awards Gala – 3rd floor: Minneapolis Grand Ballroom


TEAM Information – Sat & Sun

Performance Schedule updated 1/24/24

FINAL POD MASTER schedule (with meet times)


This will be posted as a google doc so that we can update it as info comes in.  Once we are closer to the event and more confident things will not change drastically, we will post it in our Team App.  Make sure you are looking at the time in RED to meet coaches in the dressing rooms.  Dancers should meet with full costume, hair, and makeup done.  Ready to stretch.

TEAMS ARE TO REPORT TO COACHES 1 HOUR PRIOR TO SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE TIME IN Symphony III – 2nd floor of the Hilton.  Again, your meet time with coaches will be in RED on the POD Master Schedule above.  Dancers should come in full costume, hair, and makeup, ready to go.   For younger dancers (Tiny & Mini), please leave lipstick WITH YOUR DANCER and LABELED WITH THEIR INITIALS.  Once dancers are there at the meet time with coaches, parents may leave.  Parents are not allowed to hang out in the dressing rooms.  

Boys “quick change” space is located on the 3rd floor – Boardroom 1 (available after interviews on Friday).  Female “quick change” space is located on the 3rd floor – Boardroom 2

Parents – it’s important to note that DX prides itself on running their competition in a very timely manner.  ANY information that comes to us Thursday-Sunday (the weekend of the event) will be relayed to you via TEAM APP as coaches will either be teaching Thursday evening, driving, or busy at the competition.  Make sure you are on TEAM APP.  Contact Dawn, Jeanne, Theresa, or Elizabeth with any questions or concerns.

Dawn: 920-639-9498

Jeanne: 920-217-1026

Theresa: 920-639-9490

Elizabeth: 920-639-7716


Photo & Video Options

Pre-Order Offer through DANCE BUG to receive discounts on video and photo packages.  Our personal studio link/code is: https://dancebug.com/events/?569127213831      Expires Thursday, Feb 1st –  prior to the event.

Pre-order Discount

  • $139/per dancer – all photos & videos
  • Discount expires on Thursday before the competition starts.

On-site Package

  • $200/per dancer – all photos & videos

Ala Carte Pricing

  • $25/per routine for video only
  • $25/per routine for photos only
  • Max ala carte cost = $200 per dancer

Please contact DanceBUG directly with any media questions.

“For the 2024 dance season, DanceBUG is continuing the Dancer Activation process.  By having your dancers activate their account we can ensure data accuracy, privacy protection and that only the dancer attending an event can watch the livestream and purchase media of their performances.

Dancers must be activated in order to watch livestreams (when available) and to purchase media.”

Thank you for your assistance with this process.



Meal Options

The Hilton’s chef has put together some awesome meal options just for DX peeps.

WHAT:  Take out pre-orders
WHEN:  Between 5pm – 8 pmDEADLINE:  Orders must be placed no later than 12 pm on Tuesday, January 30th. No walk-up orders for team meals will be available.DETAILS: Orders will be picked up from THE Ten01 Social host stand near the main restaurant, located on the lobby level.QUANTITY: Orders should be placed per person and will be packed family style. Utensils, napkins and side plates will be provided.COST:
  • Entree $17.70
  • Add-ons $2.50
  • Price includes taxes and gratuity.
WHERE TO EAT:  You can eat in your dressing rooms, hotel rooms, etc. You decide. The Hilton will not bring in additional tables and/or chairs into the dressing rooms. They will charge you catering prices if you request this.ORDERING: I wanted you to have these details now so you can decide and make plans. The actual order form is coming soon!
Thursday – TACO NIGHT
Two pulled chicken soft shell taco’s with lettuce, pIco de gallo and Cotija cheese, Spanish rice and refried beans.Add-ons:

Chips and Guac

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rice Krispy Bar

Choice of sweet and sour chicken or beef and broccoli, vegetable fried rice, egg roll and fortune cookie.Add-ons:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rice Kristy Bar

Two Angus beef sliders with cheddar cheese and pickles on brioche, pasta salad and kettle potato chips.Add-ons:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rice Kristy Bar

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