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Summer Tuition/ Class Packages

Summer Dance Camps

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Summer Class Schedule: June 26 – Aug 3 (No classes the week of July 4th)


Pre-School (ages 2-5)

Youth Dance (ages 6-9)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12703935Youth Dance Camp (ages 5-9)RegisterYouth Dance Camp (ages 5-9)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu1:00pm-4:00pm5 - 906/14/2106/17/2196.00

Teen/Pre-Teen (ages 10-18)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12703968Dance Intensive (ages 10-18)RegisterDance Intensive (ages 10-18)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu1:00pm-5:00pm10 - 1806/21/2106/24/21130.00

Adult (ages 17+)

Acro (ages 5+)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
11666180Acro Intro class - Saturday RegisterAcro Intro class - Saturday Sat10:00am-11:00am5 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00
11666134Acro 1 - Saturday RegisterAcro 1 - Saturday Sat8:45am-9:45am7 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00
11679372Acro 1 - Saturday RegisterAcro 1 - Saturday Sat12:30pm-1:30pm7 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00
11666200Acro 2 - Saturday Wait ListAcro 2 - Saturday Sat10:00am-11:00am7 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00
11666206Acro 2 - Saturday RegisterAcro 2 - Saturday Sat11:15am-12:15pm7 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00
11666215Acro 3/4 - Saturday Wait ListAcro 3/4 - Saturday Sat12:30pm-1:30pm7 - 1809/12/2004/24/2150.00

Ballet (ages 5+)

All SF and LTJ can be taken separately but work best when taken as a pair.  Look for classes that run back to back!


RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
11651400Leaps, Turns, & Jumps (6-9yrs) - TuesdayRegisterLeaps, Turns, & Jumps (6-9yrs) - TuesdayTue4:00pm-4:45pm6 - 909/08/2004/20/2139.00
11651160Leaps, Turns, & Jumps 1/2 - MondayWait ListLeaps, Turns, & Jumps 1/2 - MondayMon6:45pm-7:30pm7 - 1809/14/2004/19/2139.00
11905737High School Dance Team Tech - MondayRegisterHigh School Dance Team Tech - MondayMon8:00pm-9:00pm10 - 1809/14/2004/19/2150.00
11966397High School Dance Team Tech - TuesdayRegisterHigh School Dance Team Tech - TuesdayTue8:00pm-9:00pm10 - 1809/15/2004/19/2150.00

Other questions?  Give us a call.  Studio phone(Dawn) @ 920-661-9212.  Elizabeth @ 920-639-7716

Class Registration Instructions

Register On-Line-

  1. Click on the online registration link above.  If you are already a customer, click on the link at the top of the registration page and follow the directions to obtain a password to the parent portal.  You may want to watch the video about how to use the parent portal as well.  If you are a NEW customer, continue with the online registration form.
  2. Make sure to enter your information for e-check.  You can only register on-line by paying with e-check.
  3. Select your classes and submit.
  4. Dawn will review your class selection and charge your account a deposit ($10/class for the Summer.  $25/class for the school year).  The remaining balance will be due when classes begin.

Register on Paper

  1. Click on the Registration Form link above.  Print out registration form.
  2. Mail or drop off your registration form along with class deposit to the “Power Of Dance”
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you when we receive your paperwork.
  4. Tuition balance is due on the first day of classes.

If you are interested in registering for a class not currently offered in your desired session, please call 920-661-9212 for information and availability.