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By participating in any online class listed below, it is at your own risk because you are at home.  Power of Dance and its employees will not assume any responsibility in the event of damage or injury.  You agree that you are under parent supervision, wearing appropriate clothing for the class, have a clear and safe space to move around, and if you are limited by space you will not be participating in that activity during the class. This includes both prerecorded and interactive virtual classes.

Virtual Back-Up Links:

Tuesdays: 5:00-6:00 in STUDIO D


Meeting ID: 863 1566 3068
Passcode: 2490

Thursdays: 5:45-6:45 in STUDIO A


Meeting ID: 876 9228 0303
Passcode: 2490

Choreography Camp Meeting


Hip Hop

POM – Live your life

Legacy Judge 3 – video

  • There were 3 Judges, yet they tend to point out certain dancers and we do not like to post those critiques with dancers pointed out (for privacy reasons).  We are in this together and do not need to point fingers at just one certain moment!  I did think that this is a great video from the front so that you can see your child and no one is pointed out individually in this one so I’d thought it’s safe to post.  🙂  Please review as we have REALLY been working on being sharp and in sync with each other.

Sorry, this first video is more with us singing… they got it that way! LOL  😉  This part IS specifically to the words, not counts.  Everything before this does have counts if they can get them.





Video & Music Disclaimer

The videos posted here are for practice only and should only be watched by the members of the team listed. They are not for entertainment. Videos may not be shared with non-team members and may not be watched on a public computer. This is to protect the choreographer, the teacher, and the dancers on the videos and allow them to be comfortable as they go through the learning process. These requests must be followed or ALL TEAMS will lose the privilege of having videos posted. Thank you!

The music posted on this page is for All Star Practice ONLY and is property of the Power Of Dance, LLC. MANY hours have been spent cutting and remixing this music. Out of respect for your teachers and their work, please do not publish, share, or use this music for anything except practice of Power Of Dance All Star Routines. While you may listen to other team's music, you are to download the music for your team only. Any use other than that stated above could jeapardize future postings of routine music. Thank you for your cooperation.

** Music posted at this time is NOT competition ready. It is intended for practice. Just as routines change and are altered during the teaching process- so too is the music. Drops are added, speeds are changed, and at times, full parts are cut. Often the endings have not been finalized. Please use this music for practice and then update as the year goes on. Thank you!