Ballet Intensive Performance All Levels- Sat


Dancers 9 and under should use the “mini/tiny” colors.  All others should use “youth/junior/senior” colors.

** Competition make-up can be applied in a number of different ways.  Honestly, what works best for you really depends on your child.  Please encourage kids ages 12+ to start doing their own competition make-up.  Start with a few steps until they become comfortable and go from there.  Since there are so many different methods to applying the make-up, we think it’s beneficial to watch a few different videos to get ideas for what might work best for you.  Keep in mind that we are using a simplified color pallet of just 3 eye colors and doing a lot of blending.  You can use more colors if that’s easier for you as long as the end result is similar to the pictures in our make-up document.  Please read our Make-up shopping list so that you get the correct colors for the POD!   THEN – our best advice is to practice- practice- practice on a low stress NON-competition day and give yourself plenty of time.  Be patient with the little ones!

MAKE-UP Tutorial Videos (Click Below)

Make-Up Tutorial for YOUNG DANCERS (good tutorial but make sure you do it darker than this!  This is for pictures and not a performance)

Make-up Tutorial – Hannah (great for parents of Youth Kids)

Make- Up Tutorial – Hana  (good ideas but be careful because the colors are a bit different)

Make- Up Tutorial – Alexis (really good for older kids – uses a slightly different method)


Teacher: Mr. Tracy