“I chose Power Of Dance Studio for my children because no matter what age, all of the teachers here take their classes seriously by teaching dance properly and professionally. The kids are having fun and I’m so impressed with what goes on during class time. It’s definitely worth the drive.”

– Brooke Poppinga of West DePere
Former assistant director of Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles
Daughter Jasmine – age 5

I wanted to say how much our girls have enjoyed doing dance at POD. The introduction to dance that Charlotte received has given her an incredible platform and passion for ballet. Dancing with the other kids helped Claire to come out of her shell around other kids and in new experiences and has opened her up to other interests (I think she’s going to be our contact-sport kid 😳). They both have blossomed into more confident, courageous versions of themselves and I believe participating in dance has helped to foster that.
You and the other staff have always been very helpful and professional. It is apparent how much you all love what you do and care about the kids. I appreciate how flexible you’ve been, especially throughout the past year. You’ve really gone above-and-beyond to keep the kids engaged and connected virtually and to make dance a fun experience even from afar, and we truly appreciate it.
Thanks Again,
Laura Hettmann

I want to tell you all what an absolutely amazing show you put together last night! I was prepared to be wowed; I was not prepared to be blown away! And I was not the only one who felt that way. My husband was equally impressed. The combination of creative choreography, student talent, and hard work is evident with each and every performance. I am thankful that you will be my daughter’s mentors in the years to come, and I’m thankful for the talented older girls that Myla will be able to t look up to. (Sitting in the front row last night after intermission, both Myla and my 3 year old Ellie were in complete awe. Actually, Ellie sat still and enjoyed the entire show. That in itself is proof of how entertaining the show was). I am proud to be a part of the POD community and I look forward to getting more involved in the years to come! Thanks again, and BRAVO!!!!!

Trisha from Green Bay

“Thank you for a phenomenal year! I can’t believe what Alyssa has learned in the last two years with you, this past year mostly. My husband & I watch your young dancers and regret that you weren’t around when she started dancing 9 years ago! Just think of where she would be now!!!”

– from two proud parents-Ron & Renae Klug
Daughter Alyssa – age 12

“We had such a wonderful and amazing year!!! We can’t wait to start again in fall. Your whole staff is wonderful!!!! Thanks!!

– Kristine Boone
Daughter Emily – age 9

“Every child needs an opportunity to shine and as parents we need to find the best fit for that child to both grow and be challenged. Wayne and I feel like we hit the jackpot with the Power Of Dance.”

– Michelle Talbot
Daughter Madysen – age 11

“I chose POD for my preschooler’s first experience with dance because I felt they had the most age appropriate curriculum. My daughter learns the terminology and techniques but also has a ton of fun doing it. I am amazed by the skills she has acquired at her young age and after only three years of dance. I recommend POD to all my friends with children.”

-Jodi Nickels
Teacher from Howard
Daughters Lauren – age 5 and Payton – age 3

“Sam has learned and grown so much as a dancer this year. I am so happy to see her excel. Thank you for bringing the passion of dancing back for her. It is incredible. This is in part to the great structure and discipline you have in your teaching method. The one last thing I have to mention is that after dancing 8 dances 2 nights in a row (at our recital), Sam is ready for more. Tell Tanya (ballet instructor), Sam used to hate ballet and would have never considered Pointe before last year. Can you believe it? Thank you BOTH for all you do!”

– Holly Greaves
Daughter Sam – age 13

“Words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with The Power of Dance! Everything was so well organized, professional, and most important, fun for my daughter! The recitals absolutely blew me away and I would recommend POD to anyone who is looking for a dance school!!!!”

– Cindy Mancheski
Daughter Christina – age 13

“The recital was phenomenal. I was very impressed with the dancing and the choreography. Great job! Additionally, I appreciate the patience of the instructors, especially with my daughter Hailey and her potty issues. Keep up the good work!”
– Paula Pecore
Daughter Hailey – age 5

“My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in September of 2008. We were stuck between hospitals and home. Finally in 2009 when Alexis was doing better and she could hold her (blood) counts above 500- off house arrest- we looked into what we could possibly do for her to get out of the house. We looked into POD and the first moment I talked with them, they welcomed us with open arms. They even sanitize the room before she comes to dance. The once a week for 30 minutes means more to Alexis than anything. Everyone is so great and takes precautions and understands if her counts are low she cannot come. But we’ve been lucky. Every Wednesday my daughter shines and she has made new friends. She can still only stay home with me (no preschool) until treatment is done in 2011….so for now, this is her world. Thank you Power Of Dance- for giving our daughter a little bit of normalcy!”

– Heidi Lemke
Daughter Alexis – age 4

“I came to the Power of Dance two years ago without any dance background. Within a year the staff helped me find my passion in dance. The instructors reached out to me and took the time to make me the dancer I am today. Their patience and knowledge of dance sets them above any other studio. I’m extremely proud to be a member of the Power of Dance family.”

– Nicole
dancer and enthusiast of the POD

“One year at POD and my daughter is enjoying dance more than she ever has in the past. The girls and the parents right on through to the dedicated instructors, staff help, and the outstanding care you receive from the owners, makes the POD a wonderful place for a girl/boy of any age to grow, and advance her dance skills as well as their life skills.”

– Penny of Green Bay
Monther of 17yr old dancer

“We’ve been to other dance studios in the area and we’ve had no complaints. Now that we’ve been to POD–we can say from experience that POD is far superior in coaching style, teaching technique, developing teamwork and producing great results in regional competitions. I’m proud to say that my daughter has been accepted onto her high school POM team as a freshman! She couldn’t have done it without POD! (And, I’ve taken the adult classes at POD -they are equally impressive and lots of fun~)”
– Betse
from De Pere

My daughter has only been with Power Of Dance for 1 year and absolutely loves it, she had a great experience with Tanya and she can’t wait to get back this fall. Dawn- at their front desk- is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is ALWAYS friendly and helpful and has a smile on her face. She is actually one of the reasons why I tried so hard to make this work with the Power Of Dance. There are many dance studios in Green Bay, but not one that I have toured yet that has such a great employee like Dawn. Most are not so helpful and never smile! Even when it is crazy busy she keeps it together and is great! I have told many others to come and check you guys out because of being able to deal with someone so pleasant and easy to talk to.

– Jenny Basten