5th Annual Halloween Bash. Oct 21, 6-10pm

Posted: October 4, 2017

Also known as “Parents Night Off”- our 5th Annual Halloween Bash is back by popular demand.


Registration Form- CLICK HERE

Early Registration due Oct 15 ($25)   After Oct 15- ($30)


Drop your kids off for a night of fun while you take the night and do…..whatever you want!  Dancers, siblings, cousins, friends, all kids age K-8th grade are welcome!  This is a tradition 5 years in the making.  We’ll have activities, crafts, games, contests (with prizes of course), music and dancing, snacks, and even a bounce house inside the building!  Each room has a different theme with activities geared for specific age groups and kids are led through them all through out the night.  We end with 2 dance parties.  1- club style (crazy lights and songs geared towards the “older” kids)  and 2- “kid style” led by the our Senior Team dancers with great music, beach balls flying, high action packed songs and lights on.  The whole night is planned by our Senior Team dancers under the direction of the POD coaches and all the proceeds go to help offset travel expenses to Worlds.  Come join us and thank you for your support!