2021 Summer Classes

Power Of Dance Summer Class Session is a 4-week (one month) summer session including the following weeks.

June 28-July 1 

July 9-12

July 16-19

July 23-26



**MINI CAMPS for HIP HOP, TAP, JAZZ, POM, BROADWAY, CLIMB, & PRESCHOOL run throughout the summer.  Check out all our mini-camps HERE



A $20 deposit/class is due upon registration to reserve a student’s place in class.  The remaining balance will be processed the first week of class.  Deposits will be credited to your account, however, they are non-refundable should you choose to drop the class before the summer session begins.  There are no refunds or credits for missed classes or class drops made once the session begins.   **Our regular family and multiple class discounts do NOT apply to summer classes.


Note: These classes do not run the week of July 5th

Class Descriptions


Toddler & Me:   (1.5-3yrs)

A class option for dancers not yet ready to separate from their grown-up.  Toddler & Me is a creative dance and music class where a parent/caregiver will help dancers enhance their socialization and work with them on classroom participation, listening, and gross motor skills. 

Music  & Movement: (2-3 yrs)

Our youngest independent dance class!  Each week is an exploration in music, rhythm, beats, and self-expression.  Children are encouraged to move their bodies and use their fine and gross motor skills.  We use tons of props, bright colors, shapes, and simple “games” to teach our pre-schoolers through play.  Children will also learn about taking turns, following directions, and working with others.  Students in this class will NOT learn routine choreography.

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

An introductory fun movement class for preschoolers with a focus on motor development, rhythm, basic dance technique, and expression through music, dance, and tons of encouragement.  Incorporates beginner dance steps with interactive music and play.  

Mighty Movers (ages 4-6)

Bounce along to the beat with this high-energy introductory dance class.  Your child will learn about rhythm, counting, and basic dance technique while being introduced to simple choreography.  Children will learn the basics of a dance warm-up, stretch, and jazz/funk choreography.  

Summer is the PERFECT time to work on your technical skills – the tricks of dance.  The POD has incredible technique classes that will push your child to the next level.  Pair a Strength/Flexibility class with Leap/Turns/Jumps for optimal skills training.  Ballet, Ballet Intensive & Acro also available for ages 5+


Just like it sounds, classes will focus on building the dancers’ flexibility and strength needed to execute correct skills and choreography.  A strong emphasis will be placed on building core, arm, shoulder, and leg strength using plyometrics and targeting stretches. This is a recommended class for all dancers, and a great class to pair with Leaps/Turns/Jumps.


From the simple to the complex- come learn to do the “tricks” of dance. Beginner classes will focus on basic technique, while more advanced classes will work on perfection and skill combinations. This class is a must for any dancer wishing to advance up in level placement, and a great class to pair with our Strength/Flexibility.


Note: These classes do not run the week of July 5th

Classical Ballet

Our ballet program is designed to teach students the correct terminology, technique, and precise movements specific to classical and neoclassical ballet. Students will learn the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet, where they will focus on turn-out of the legs, high extension, and quality of movement. They will also be taught the Balanchine style of neoclassical ballet, which will allow students to explore a more fluid style of ballet.  In class, students will perform exercises composed of movements from the traditional vocabulary of classical ballet. It is here that their technique is maintained, strengthened, and constantly refined.


Note: These classes do not run the week of July 5th

Ballet Intensive

Our BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM is designed to help our dancers accelerate their technique training and take their dancing to the next level.  It is also designed to work WITH OUR CLASSICAL BALLET CLASSES.   Students will be taught Russian based ballet techniques. This style of ballet will focus on teaching students how to perform precise movements, use quiet and controlled strength, and develop a regal carriage. Ballet Intensive will be an extension of the current POD ballet program and will allow students to concentrate on advanced techniques. (Students must take BOTH Classical and Intensive Ballet Classes)  Students in all Intensive levels will come together to prepare a ballet production using the techniques they learn to explore pas de duex (partnering) as well as contemporary ballet movements.   The Intensive Ballet program will be taught by ballet master Tracy Mozingo.


Note: These classes do not run the week of July 5th


Acro for Dance

This class is designed to work on gymnastics and hip-hop tricks on the floor. Students will learn strength, technique, and flexibility skills in order to develop gross and fine motor control needed to facilitate and execute basic-to-intermediate tumbling and acrobatics. Body positions, stalls, and jumps will also be taught. Progression of the skills will be taught by level and depend upon the skill level of the individual students. This class is by placement only. Please contact the studio to set up an evaluation.


Note: These classes do not run the week of July 5th