Fall-Winter-Spring Classes


HOW TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES- The preferred method for registration is on-line.  Click the button to the left of any class below you wish to register for to be taken to our online registration page.  Here you will be able to register for multiple children and multiple classes.   If you wish, you may also print out the registration form by clicking the blue button below.  Mail or drop off your registration form to the Power Of Dance.

 Spring Classes at a Glance- coming soon!

For the most complete view of classes offered, please click on the “Spring Classes at a Glance” link above.

Beginners- please register for level 1 classes.  Current POD dancers should register for their appropriate levels.   Multiple class discount offered per family (household).

Class sizes are limited and will not be overloaded.  There is also a minimum number of 5 students needed for a class to run.  Classes with less than 5 students 2 days prior will be cancelled and dancers registered will be notified.  Walk-ins are allowed as long as there is room in the class.


Fall-Winter-Spring Schedule at a GLANCE- updated 8/8/17



Pre-School (ages 2-5)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7204836Music & Movement (2-3yrs) - MondayWait ListMusic & Movement (2-3yrs) - MondayMon4:15pm-4:45pm2 - 309/05/1704/28/1872.00
7204920Music & Movement (2-3yrs) - TuesdayRegisterMusic & Movement (2-3yrs) - TuesdayTue9:45am-10:15am2 - 309/05/1704/28/1872.00
7206919Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - Friday Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - FridayFri10:30am-11:00am3 - 509/05/1704/28/1872.00
7204847Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - Monday Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - MondayMon4:45pm-5:15pm3 - 509/05/1704/28/1872.00
7206586Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - Thursday Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - ThursdayThu4:15pm-4:45pm3 - 509/05/1704/28/1872.00
7204927Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - Tuesday Dance Expressions (3-5yrs) - TuesdayTue10:30am-11:00am3 - 509/05/1704/28/1872.00
7724382Dance Expressions (4-5yrs) - ThursdayRegisterDance Expressions (4-5yrs) - ThursdayThu3:45pm-4:15pm4 - 502/12/1804/28/1872.00
7206611Petite Dance (4-5yrs) - Thursday (Instructor approval needed) Petite Dance (4-5yrs) - Thursday (Instructor approval needed)Thu5:00pm-5:45pm4 - 509/05/1704/28/1899.00

Youth Dance (ages 5-10) – Kindergarten -5th (See Below for Ballet, Acro, & Technique)

Many Youth/Teen Dance classes are scheduled with convenience in mind!  Look for 2 or 3 classes held back to back for the same age group.  Your child receives a discount on the second/third class.  See the link above “Fall-Spring Schedule at a GLANCE”.   Can 5-7 year olds handle back to back classes?  Most kids…yes!!  We change activities often to maintain interest.  Also, combos like “Pom & Tap” or “Jazz & Tap” offer 2 classes at a substantial discount- dancers learn 2 routines that share one recital costume.


RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7201286Ballet/Jazz Combo (5-7yrs) - Monday Ballet/Jazz Combo (5-7yrs) - MondayMon4:15pm-5:15pm5 - 709/05/1704/28/18125.00
7206899Hip Hop (5-7yrs) - Thursday Hip Hop (5-7yrs) - ThursdayThu5:00pm-5:45pm5 - 709/05/1704/28/1899.00
7204932Hip Hop (5-7yrs) - Tuesday Hip Hop (5-7yrs) - TuesdayTue4:00pm-4:45pm5 - 709/05/1704/28/1899.00
7204889Pom (5-7yrs) - Monday Pom (5-7yrs) - MondayMon5:15pm-6:00pm5 - 709/05/1704/28/1899.00
7206892Pom (5-7yrs) - Thursday Pom (5-7yrs) - ThursdayThu4:15pm-5:00pm5 - 709/05/1704/28/1899.00
7724055Recreational Dance (6-9yrs) - TuesdayRegisterRecreational Dance (6-9yrs) - TuesdayTue4:45pm-5:30pm6 - 902/12/1804/28/1899.00
7206985Hip Hop I (7-10yrs) - Friday Hip Hop I (7-10yrs) - FridayFri6:00pm-7:00pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7206577Hip Hop I (7-10yrs) - Thursday Hip Hop I (7-10yrs) - ThursdayThu6:45pm-7:45pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7205989Jazz I (7-10yrs) - Wednesday Jazz I (7-10yrs) - WednesdayWed7:00pm-8:00pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7226010Pom & Tap Combo (7-10yrs) - Wednesday Pom & Tap Combo (7-10yrs) - WednesdayWed5:30pm-7:00pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18160.00
7206980Pom I (7-10yrs) - Friday Pom I (7-10yrs) - FridayFri5:00pm-6:00pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7205950Pom I (7-10yrs) - Wednesday Pom I (7-10yrs) - WednesdayWed5:30pm-6:30pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7205971Tap I/II (7-10yrs) - Wednesday Tap I/II (7-10yrs) - WednesdayWed6:30pm-7:00pm7 - 1009/05/1704/28/1872.00
7205885Hip Hop II (8-10yrs) - Tuesday Hip Hop II (8-10yrs) - TuesdayTue7:30pm-8:30pm8 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7205834Pom II (8-10yrs) - Tuesday Pom II (8-10yrs) - TuesdayTue6:30pm-7:30pm8 - 1009/05/1704/28/18125.00
7724375Recreational Dance (10+yrs) - WednesdayRegisterRecreational Dance (10+yrs) - WednesdayWed7:00pm-7:45pm10 - 1802/12/1804/28/1899.00

Teen/Pre-Teen (ages 11-18) – Grades 6 and up

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7205707Hip Hop I/II (11+yrs) - Thursday Hip Hop I/II (11+yrs) - ThursdayThu7:45pm-8:45pm11 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7205243Pom I/II (11+yrs) - Thursday Pom I/II (11+yrs) - ThursdayThu6:45pm-7:45pm11 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7206688Hip Hop II/III (12+yrs) - Tuesday Hip Hop II/III (12+yrs) - TuesdayTue8:00pm-9:00pm12 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7206667Pom II/III (12+yrs) - Tuesday Pom II/III (12+yrs) - TuesdayTue7:00pm-8:00pm12 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00

Adult (ages 17+)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7224389Adult Dance 101 (Beginner) - ThursdayRegisterAdult Dance 101 (Beginner) - ThursdayThu7:45pm-8:45pm17 - 9909/05/1704/28/18100.00

Acro (ages 5+)

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7270322Intro to Acro - SaturdayWait ListIntro to Acro - SaturdaySat8:30am-9:30am5 - 809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7270329Acro 1 - SaturdayWait ListAcro 1 - SaturdaySat9:45am-10:45am7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7270243Acro 1 - WednesdayRegisterAcro 1 - WednesdayWed4:00pm-5:00pm7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7270264Acro 2 - FridayRegisterAcro 2 - FridayFri6:30pm-7:30pm7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7270339Acro 2 - SaturdayWait ListAcro 2 - SaturdaySat9:45am-10:45am7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7270351Acro 3/4 - SaturdayWait ListAcro 3/4 - SaturdaySat11:00am-12:00pm7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00
7371367Acro 3/4 - Saturday RegisterAcro 3/4 - Saturday Sat8:30am-9:30am7 - 1809/05/1704/28/18125.00


Ballet (ages 5+) – Our Ballet program is offered in two sessions- Fall to Spring Session and Summer Session.  Our Fall session registration is currently closed.  Summer Registration will open in March.

Our BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM is designed to help our dancers accelerate their technique training and take their dancing to the next level.  Students will be taught Russian based ballet techniques. This style of ballet will focus on teaching students how to perform precise movements, use quiet and controlled strength, and develop a regal carriage. Ballet Intensive will be an extension of the current POD ballet program and will allow students to concentrate on advanced techniques. (Students must take BOTH Classical and Intensive Ballet Classes)  Students in all Intensive levels will come together to prepare a ballet production using the techniques they learn to explore pas de duex (partnering) as well as contemporary ballet movements.   The Intensive Ballet program will be taught by ballet master Tracy Mozingo.  Please see our Class Description Page for more info or call Elizabeth @ 920-639-7716.  MORE INFO CLICK HERE.

** Dancers new to our Ballet Program must be evaluated or take Ballet 1.  Please contact the studio to set up a ballet evaluation if needed.



RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
7206962Leaps, Turns & Jumps I/II (10+yrs) - FridayRegisterLeaps, Turns & Jumps I/II (10+yrs) - FridayFri4:15pm-5:00pm7 - 1809/05/1704/28/1899.00
7204883Leaps, Turns & Jumps II/III (10+yrs) - MondayWait ListLeaps, Turns & Jumps II/III (10+yrs) - MondayMon4:45pm-5:30pm10 - 1809/05/1704/28/1899.00
7369698Leaps, Turns & Jumps III/IV (10+yrs) - MondayRegisterLeaps, Turns & Jumps III/IV (10+yrs) - MondayMon4:00pm-4:45pm10 - 1809/05/1704/28/1899.00

Other questions?  Give us a call.  Studio phone(Dawn) @ 920-661-9212.  Elizabeth @ 920-639-7716

Class Registration Instructions

Register On-Line-

  1. Click on the online registration link above.  If you are already a customer, click on the link at the top of the registration page and follow the directions to obtain a password to the parent portal.  You may want to watch the video about how to use the parent portal as well.  If you are a NEW customer, continue with the online registration form.
  2. Make sure to enter your information for e-check.  You can only register on-line by paying with e-check or credit card.
  3. Select your classes and submit.
  4. Dawn will review your class selection and charge your account a deposit ($10/class for the Summer.  $25/class for the school year).  The remaining balance will be due when classes begin.

Register on Paper

  1. Click on the Registration Form link above.  Print out registration form.
  2. Mail or drop off your registration form along with class deposit to the “Power Of Dance”
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you when we receive your paperwork.
  4. Tuition balance is due on the first day of classes.

If you are interested in registering for a class not currently offered in your desired session, please call 920-661-9212 for information and availability.